Total Body Flow Series

Total Body Flow Series

in this series we will open and strengthen your body from head-to-toes in 21 - 68-minutes. This is a great series if you are short on time, or if you need a longer practice. The first two classes are without music, while the last five classes are with music. Enjoy! Music and videography are by Becky White. :)

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Total Body Flow Series

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  • Total Body :21 -- with Music

    This is a quick, yet not rush, well-rounded total body class in 21-minutes. We'll move though standing poses, core strengtheners, heart and hip openers! WITH MUSIC.

    Some of the Pose: Triangle, Half Moon Pose, Boat Pose, Hip Openers, Bridge, Twist on Back.

  • Total Body :26

    This total body class opens the hips, side body and chest while strengthening the quads, gluts, arms and abs. Enjoy! NO MUSIC.

    Some of the Poses: Low and High Lunge, Revolved Triangle, Lizard Pose, Forearm Plank, Locust, Bow, Camel, Seated Twists.

  • Total Body :28 -- with Music

    In this well rounded class well open the upper back, groins,chest and quads and, detoxify with twist, and strengthen the abs with the option of practicing crow pose. Enjoy! WITH MUSIC

    Some of the Poses: Eagle Pose, Pyramid Pose, Goddess Pose, Abs on Back, Crow Pose Option, Quad Openers, Locu...

  • Total Body :30

    This class opens the hamstrings, hips and heart, includes detoxifying twists and strengthens the core muscles. Enjoy! NO MUSIC.

    Some of the Pose: High Lunge, Chair and Lunge Twist, Standing Split, Lizard, 1/2 Bow Pose, Ab work on Back, Heart Openers, Pigeon.

  • Total Body :30 -- with Music

    This well-rounded class has special emphasis on twists with the option of practicing side crow. We balance out the practice with opening the hips, shoulders and hamstrings as well as side body strengtheners and lengtheners. WITH MUSIC.

    Some of the Pose: Pyramid Pose, Warrior Three Pose, Abs ...

  • Total Body :58

    Level 2/3 -> This well-balanced class focuses on opening the hips, heart, hamstrings and groins! We'll also strengthen the quads and go through a series of backbends.

  • Total Body :68

    Level 2/3 -> This challenging class is all about opening the body& working on the core. You get to work into deep twists, crow pose and side crow, and finish the practice with mild backbends.